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Folklore & fairies are my favourite topic.

I spoke with Adam Walsh at The Signal - CBC Radio along with author Clayton B. Smith about the deep roots of fairy beliefs in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Listen in at
CBC The 

Signal with Adam Walsh here


Unless you’re afraid that the fairies will carry you away!


The living history of the Freemasons in downtown St John's

The history and mystery behind the Freemasons of St. John’s. Author Helen Escott and historian John Fitzgerald will introduce us to some of the strange details she discovered while researching her latest crime thriller- Operation: Masonic.

Join Helen and John on the Operation Masonic Ecclesiastical Circle Tour operating from the Basilica of St. John's the Baptist, Military Road, St. John's. Get tour information here

Listen to the whole interview with Krissy Holmes here


Mastering the Art of Murder: The art of crafting the perfect murder story

Do you have a tale of mystery, intrigue and murder inside just waiting to get out? We Learn the art of crafting the perfect murder story, from author Helen Escott. Her most recent book "Operation Masonic," is up for the Best Atlantic Published Book Award.

Listen to the interview about Mastering the Art of Murder here.

Host Don-E-Coady discusses crime writing with Author Helen C. Escott. 
Escott discusses her latest bestselling novel, Operation Masonic, and Freemasonry's history in Newfoundland and Labrador. 
Watch it here


Bestselling award-winning crime author Helen C. Escott gets real about where her passion  for writing comes from 
The book Operation Trafficked, fourth in the ‘Operation’ series, is getting lots of attention. In fact, it’s the first book Costco picked up from Newfoundland for sale in their Atlantic region. 

Tags: FlankerHelen EscottNewfoundlandPTSDRemembrance Day

Read the full article here.


Fashion Over 50 With Helen C. Escott

Author of local favourites like Operation Wormwood, The Reckoning, and her blog-turned-book I’m Funny Like That, Helen C. Escott is a local literary treasure. Aside from that, though, Helen has another side you wouldn’t see unless you knew right where to look.


If you do a quick Google search for Helen C. Escott you’ll find photos that fit the crime-writer aesthetic: a well-lit subject that stands apart from a dark and moody urban environment.

But once Escott steps off-set and signs on to social media, another style emerges. A style that’s dynamic, influential, and inspired by outfits inspired by ensembles fashioned for the most glamorous among us.

Read the full story here.

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