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The Art of Murder – How to Write Crime Thrillers

This is a remarkably interesting and fun class that will encourage young readers to think about writing in a whole new way.

From planning the murder to making it believable to solving the crime. I take students on a journey through writing that they will never forget.

I start with a slide show of the tips and tricks to writing about murder and while I am doing that I take questions and we have discussions.

Then I end with a exercise called: The man fell down the stairs. Students have to fill in the descriptors: Who is the man? How old is he? What is he wearing? Where does he work? How did he fall down the stairs? Did he just fall or did he try to catch himself? Why was he on the stairs? Where was he going? What time of night or day is it? What’s the weather like outside?

In the end students have a much more detailed story that comes from looking around your characters and finding out who they are.

For more information contact Helen C. Escott at

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