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Operation Wormwood is now available for presale

Operation Wormwood is now available for presale and at Flanker Press.

Helen C. Escott takes you on a thrill ride through the oldest city in North America. Where historical landmarks become clues and every name has two meanings. It’s an interactive crime thriller that will have you researching what’s real and what’s not. Never take a chapter at face value. You’ll have to read Operation Wormwood twice - once to get the story, and again to uncover the hidden secrets in each chapter.

An elderly man is carried into the Emergency Department setting off a chain of events that leave you guessing until the end. He is the first of many victims suffering from severe nose bleeds and excruciating pain. Dr. Luke Gillespie and nurse, Agatha Catania investigate their symptoms but are unable to diagnose them.

The only thing they have in common is, Sergeant Nicholas Myra, an investigator with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

Gillespie and Myra join forces to solve this twisted mystery. The story takes a critical turn when Sister Pius, a Nun from Mercy Convent, informs them about Wormwood: a disease she believes is created by God to kill pedophiles.

Wormwood becomes an international storm when parish priest, Father Peter Cooke, holds a news conference on the steps of the Basilica of St. John the Baptist announcing that “God has unleashed a plague upon the earth.”

Is God truly unleashing his wrath on child molesters or is a serial killer targeting them? Dr. Gillespie and Sgt. Myra race to find answers as the Catholic hierarchy cashes in on the miracle that is bringing people back to the church in droves.

Just when you think you know who the killer is, this fast paced, intelligent thriller will shock you when you reach the unpredictable stunning conclusion.


At the heart of this gut wrenching, savagely real-life novel is a deep theological struggle: why does evil against the most vulnerable go unpunished by a loving, all powerful God? Escott combines first hand police experience, superb story-telling and deep faith in this Dan Brown style epic.

Rev. Robert Cooke, Rector of The Parish of St. Mark the Evangelist and Adjunct Professor Queen’s College Faculty of Theology.

"Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!

With skilled detective like precision Escott kept me at the edge of my seat throughout this well told story of hurt and faith.

Filled with a literal ton of well researched facts and figures regarding NL's history, criminal investigative processes and relevant political complications this novel fills the readers need for action, suspense and emotion.

This book will make every Newfoundlander and Labradorian reflect on their complicated history and fully intrigue those who come from away.

Operation Wormwood is 'wicked...simply wicked' in every definition of the word."

E.B. Merrill, S/Sgt. (Rtd.)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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