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Six and a baby

We went to Mexico in early March with our whole family. I was so excited to go but not just for the hot, sunny days and clear, blue oceans. I was excited because our three kids, future daughter in-law and our seven month old grand-daughter were coming with us.

We were blessed with three great kids. They all get along, they are all funny and they love to hang out with one another. We went to an all inclusive resort in the Mayan Riviera called Occidental Grand and spent seven wonderful days playing in the sand, sitting by the pool, drinking spiced rum with pineapple juice and even visited one of the seven wonders of the world, a Mayan temple called Chichen Itza.

Every day I would look out at our three kids, our two newest family members and say "Thank you God for this wonderful family."

Every night we would all go to supper together, each one a new culinary adventure, each one felt like Christmas dinner. We would walk in as a group to the buffet or al la carte restaurants. The maitre d' would come out in his crisp white uniform and ask "How many?" in his thick Mexican accent and we would all reply at once "Six and a baby."

For seven days, for breakfast, lunch and supper we would all say "Six and a baby." By the end of the week it became an inside joke.

During our seven day adventure we got to know our beautiful new grand-daughter Sophie. It was love at first site. This beautiful little creature came at a time in my life when I needed her most. In February of 2013 my Mother passed away leaving a hole in my heart that I thought I could never fill. In July of 2013, Sophie was born. We finally got to meet her March 1st, 2014 at the start of our Mexican vacation. She looked at me and smiled a shy sweet smile and my heart was whole again.

She took to me right away. Constantly saying "Nana, Nana, Nana." Which the rest thought was just gibberish but I knew she knew who I was. Late morning she would take her hour long nap and she got in the habit of falling asleep in my arms. I would lay on a chaise in the shade, put her on my chest and she would drift off, occasionally opening an eye to look up and make sure I was there. It was the best part of my vacation.

One sunny afternoon while Sophie and I napped in the shade I woke to see hubby and our two boys playing water polo with strangers in the pool. They were laughing and shouting and splashing each other. Our daughter and future daughter-in-law were tanning in the sun a few chairs down. I looked out at the water and seen the most handsome man staring at me, smiling. I felt a little uncomfortable at first and I couldn't help but smile back. His dark wet hair was dripping water down over his tanned face and I wondered why this man was watching me sleep with my grand-daughter. My eyes finally focused and I realized, it was my husband. For a second I fell in love with a man that I had already been in love with for 20 years.

Life is good. I closed my eyes and again said "Thank you Jesus. Thank you God for this wonderful family." And just when I thought life couldn't get much better the pool DJ announced it was "Elvis Hour" and "Hard Headed Women" blared across the resort. I knew it was God's way of saying "Right back at ya Kid. You did well."

Saying good-bye on the last day wasn't easy. Putting Sophie back in her Mom's arms, knowing the next time I see her she would be walking and talking, took the good out of Hubby and me. We cried all the way back to Newfoundland.

We arrived home Sunday night and like good Newfoundlanders our first stop was for fish and chips. Our daughter decided to stay home, so when the maitre d' asked how many, it broke our hearts to say "Two."

Every day we miss our "Six and a baby."

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