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What happens when your oxygen is cut - Of self-care and cold showers

Before a plane takes off, the flight attendant will take you through the safety rules. One of the things she will show you is what to do if the plane loses cabin pressure. A mask will fall out of the compartment above you. The attendant explains that you ‘must’ put the mask on yourself first, then help anyone who is traveling with you.

She tells you this because when the cabin loses pressure it loses oxygen, and so do you. A person who suddenly can’t breath will thrash about. If you try to put the mask on a child or elderly adult, you will have to fight them. Keeping in mind you only have seconds before you pass out.

Which is why the flight attendant says you ‘must’ put on your mask first. When you can’t breathe, you cannot help anyone.

Now think about that in your day-to-day life.

If you don’t give yourself oxygen, how can you help anyone else?

If we don’t take care of ourselves, how are we expected to take care of anybody else?

You have to allow yourself some ‘me’ time and not feel guilty about it. I know what you’re thinking: How the hell do I get me time? I work, have kids, a house, bills, birthday parties to plan, dentist appointments! I can’t breathe!

It's because you are not selfish. You put your kids first. You put your spouse first. Your put your job first. They get the mask first, while you’re passing out.

Learn to be selfish. Take one hour a day to yourself. Put on your headphones and walk around the neighbourhood after supper listening to music. Sit down after the kids go to bed and read a book with a nice cuppa tea and a candle lit. Take the time to be good to your body.

Years ago, I started ‘Me Mondays.’ Nobody in my house even knows about it. On Mondays, I get up an hour earlier so I can have a long shower. I know what you’re thinking: How selfish! But I don’t care. It makes the whole week better.

I like starting off the week by taking care of myself first. Putting that oxygen mask over my face.

During my long shower I use a body scrub. It’s not expensive. The best body scrub I’ve ever used is just a handful of plain sugar. Don’t scrub hard, but scrub it all over your body and let the shower wash it off. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how soft your skin is.

After the scrub, I shave my legs and arms. Yes arms. I’ve been doing it for years and no, it doesn’t come back thicker or darker. Actually, after a while, it doesn’t come back at all.

Here’s the best part of my ‘me hour.’ Before I get out of the shower, I turn the handle to cold and spend 60 seconds under a very cold shower. I hear you: You’re crazy! Why would I do that?

You would be shocked at the benefits. The cold water calms itchy skin. It wakes you up, and I mean right up! It increases your circulation. It reduces muscle soreness. It potentially boosts weight loss and you will find you have glowing hair and skin. It’s also free and easy to do. Try it. You’ll think I am crazy at first, but after a few times, you’ll notice how your morning changes.

Then before I towel off, I rub baby oil into my skin while it’s wet and then pat myself dry. This can help plump, smooth, and moisturize skin by sealing in moisture all over the body (I don’t use it on my face, but you can if you are really dry.) I’ve been doing this since my early 20’s and I swear it makes a huge difference. I use it every day. Try it, you’ll be shocked at the difference in your skin.

My hair is wavy on one side and curly on the other. (I know right.) One of the best shampoos and conditioners I have used is Garnier Whole Blends. It’s available at Shopper’s Drug Mart and very inexpensive. Using the shampoo and conditioner every morning does amazing things to your hair. Remember I’m 58 years old so my hair tends to be thin and brittle at times. Give it a try

I am not telling you it’s time to take a shower! It’s important as parents, as grandparents, as singles, as workers, whatever your situation is, that you take an hour to yourself every day. COVID is causing us all to lose our minds.

So, stop and put that mask over your face so you don’t suffocate and pass out.

One last piece of advice, never feel guilty about it.

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Hope D Ryan
Hope D Ryan
Jan 28, 2022

Thank you Helen for sharing this. It’s exactly what I needed to hear. Gotta take care of ME before I can take care of everyone else. Hugs

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