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What’s “real” about the “Real Housewives” of anywhere?

A friend told me I had to watch the Real Housewives reality show. These type of shows have never interested me. I don’t watch TV for reality. I live that every day. I watch TV for fantasy.

I want to believe Tom Selleck really is the police commissioner of New York and Olivia Pope is sleeping with the President of the United States.

But, I did give the Real Housewives a try.

I watched two episodes from two different cities. I don’t get it! I just don’t get why women watch this. Or better yet, why do they idolize them?

I have a lot of female friends and although we all do our share of gossiping, I can honestly say I have never punched one in the face or tore a friend’s wig off at the country club.

How can this be real?

The plot is always the same: Part 1: Two or three of them meet to back-stab the one who is not there. Part 2: The third one finds out and vows revenge Part 3: They all break to go shopping for things none of them can really afford Part 4: They go to a public place (Restaurant, country club, wedding) Part 5: The fight breaks out. Husbands tear them apart, they get kicked out of the public place, police are called, etc.

During the show I watched they all go to a swanky restaurant for supper. The odd girl out discovers the other three have been talking trash about her. The screaming starts, apparently they don’t notice the other diners in the restaurant and the camera man is too busy filming to give them the heads up. I can only guess that the other diners are “extras” on the set because I can’t imagine any upscale restaurant that would allow this to be filmed or take place while their “regular” paying upscale clientele are eating.

Then a housewife grabs the other one by the hair and the fight breaks out. The main gossip girl, wearing Louboutin stilettos, lifts her knee and smashes it into the other’s face.

Designer clothes are being ripped from their skeleton frames, silicone lips are being smashed (no blood runs), pumped up breast enhancements are being punched like fighting balloons and bleach blond weaves are torn from their heads. The fur in flying... literally.

No one goes to hospital, only to emergency beauty salon appointments and plastic surgeons.

Now, I am not saying grown women don’t fight. As a matter of fact, I did have an argument with a friend one time while having supper with her. We left miffed at each other and didn’t talk for three weeks. I did think about unfriending her on Facebook, but changed my mind... Not much of a show here. Move along people.

This show franchise makes grown women look shallow and trashy. It’s the “16 and Pregnant” for 30 to 60 year olds.

I just hope to Jesus none of my friends start acting like these women! Can you imagine me and best friend, Nancy, at a restaurant and she finds out I said something nasty about her. Then she grabs my hair and I punch her in the face. We fall over tables, while diners give us dirty looks. For the record, we’re both from Freshwater Road, so this fight could go on all night. Especially if we have been drinking.

You know, all women in Canada only earned the right to vote in 1960. In 1918 government gave the right to vote to Canadian women 21 years of age and older but most women of colour - including Chinese, East Indian and Japanese women weren't allowed to vote at the provincial and federal level until the late 1940s. Aboriginal women covered by the Indian Act couldn't vote for band councils until 1951, and couldn't vote in federal elections until 1960.

So in 1960 all women in Canada could vote.

Fast forward to today. Now we watch other women, injected with silicone, with tied-back faces, bitch-slap each other with designer bags on a weekly bases. Have you noticed there isn’t any “Husbands of Beverly Hills?” Of course not.

Women have fought so hard for everything from the right to help choose our governments to the right to equal pay for equal work. Take a good look at these shows and ask yourself “Is that what we fought for? Is that what I want my daughter’s life to be like?”

We earned our vote. So let’s use it wisely. Let’s all vote to watch TV programs that portray women playing a lead role that empowers, inspires and teaches them to be leaders... and shows that let us believe Tom Selleck is the real Commissioner of the NYPD.

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