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You’re not getting a gift for Christmas because you have everything!

Ya know what’s insane? People running up their credit cards or spending money on gifts for people who don’t need anything.

I am one of those people. I don’t need anything (except from hubby. He can stop reading right now).

Please don’t buy me gingerbread scented body wash, cheap wine or pills to help me lose weight (Yes, you know who the frig you are).

And I won’t buy you anything. That’s a deal.

This is a notice to all my family and friends (except for Nancy because she buys me really weird cool stuff like a tissue container with our pictures all over it, which I still use).

I am not buying you anything if you’re an adult. I’ll buy for kids but that’s it.


Because I don’t know what you like, or what you need, or your size. Basically, you’re a grown ass adult so buy your own crap.


This year I am sending a Christmas card with this letter in it to each of our family members that says:

Merry Christmas

This year, I am letting you off the hook

I am not buying you a Christmas gift.

Please don't buy one for me or Robert

(Kid are not included. Please give them gift cards from the mall, they hate everything)

Instead, come to my house on December __ and join us for a delicious supper & good company

Supper is our present to you,

Your attendance is your present to us.

We don’t need anything – you don’t need anything

So lets just enjoy the holiday without the pressure of extra shopping

Save your money.

Seriously, you’re not getting a gift.

How will they react? I am sure some will get their knickers in a knot, but I don’t care. Most people will say “Thank God!”

I am not the Grinch, I just being realistic. I am tired of going into debt for other people, and I am horrified that someone is going into debt for me.

I wish I had thought of this when our kids were small.

As two working parents, we would put toys on lay-a-way and pay them off for months. Every payday, I would buy a $25.00 Sobey’s gift cards starting in mid September. So, when December came, I would have the extra money for groceries and entertaining. We had to budget. As most families do.

Here’s the funny thing about Christmas. The mortgage is still due. Newfoundland Power still wants their money. The telephone and cable bill still has to be paid. Gas still has to go in the car. Insurance still has to be paid.

But your pay cheque still stays the same.

Families have no choice but to turn to credit cards and try to pay the debt off after Christmas. Which never happens.

On top of trying to give our kids a good Christmas, we would try to buy for our nieces and nephews. I have over 35 nieces and nephews! Count them. 35! I’m not kidding. I am the youngest of ten kids. Plus, my husband’s family.

On top of that, there’s the bus driver, the teacher, the dance teacher. I mean come off it. I pay dance over $1500 a year. She should be giving me a gift.

Where does it end?

Well, it ends right here.

My gift to the adults in our lives will be a delicious holiday meal. Which by the way, will cost up to $300. Go price a steak. So, I am not cheaping out.

I am not going to lie and say that I'm donating to a charity in your name or buying you a goat in some African village. I'm simply not buying you a gift.

I’m letting you off the Christmas hook and asking you to let me off it too.

Spend your money on your kids, or my kids, or your cat. I don’t care.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good credit rating.

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