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They found the hidden Masonic tunnel!

Is life imitating art or is art imitating life?

Operation Masonic takes you on a treasure hunt in the historic city of St. John's. It starts with the murder of the Masonic Grand Master at the Masonic Temple on Cathedral street. This Temple is the first one built in North America and was bult when Newfoundland was still a British colony.

AUTHOR SIGNING: Pick up a signed copy of Operation Masonic at Coles, Avalon Mall Saturday, December 16th from 1- 3 pm. The complete Operation Series is avalable at Coles, Chapters and on line at

In the crime thriller, Masons search for a hidden tunnel that connects the buildings in the Ecclesiastical Circle and leads to an incredible treasure trove of riches.

Masonic underground tunnels are a topic of urban legends and conspiracy theories. Some people believe that various cities around the world have underground tunnels bult by the Freemasons for secret rituals and meetings. However, there is little concrete evidence to support these claims… until now.

The new owners of the Masonic Temple on Cathedral Street in downtown St. John’s are getting an intriguing glimpse into the building’s—and the city’s—history while doing renovations.

The builders have taken the building back to the studs and they’ve found a few interesting items, including a passageway leading from the basement.

VOCM News interviewed one of the owners. “They found a tunnel,” says Morgan MacRea, and “we don’t know where it goes!” The tunnel was bricked in, and MacRea is doubtful they’ll ever get the full story on where it goes or what it was used for.

The news station reports that a number of tunnels and underground structures have been found in and around the Avalon Peninsula in recent years, including some vaults beneath Water Street in Carbonear, uncovered during recent road work.

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