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Why were the Germans obsessed with Newfoundland during WWII?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Some evidence suggests that Hitler, at least briefly, considered an assault on Newfoundland

as part of a larger campaign against the United States.

But why?

Have you watched The Curse of Oak Island?

It is a Nova Scotian show where the treasure hunters are looking for treasure and artifacts on a small island called Oak Island. The treasure is believed to range from pirate treasure to Shakespearean manuscripts to the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant. They believe the Grail and the Ark have been buried there by the Knights Templar.

But wait a minute? Why would the Knights Templar bury treasure on Oak Island, Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia was one of the first four provinces to join Confederation in 1867. Newfoundland didn’t join Confederation until 1949. It simply does not make sense for the British Knights Templars hide treasure in Nova Scotia, Canada when they owned and controlled a British Colony next door.

By the way… there are rumoured to be over 30 Knights Templars in Newfoundland and Labrador today.

If they were going to hide treasure it would make more sense for them to hide it in Newfoundland.

Then we have to ask ourselves, where would they hide it?

I have an idea!

The Ecclesiastic Circle is in the center of St. John’s. It starts with the Basilica of St. John the Baptist, goes to the Congregational Church on Gower Street, which is now an apartment building, then to the Masonic Temple (which is called the lost cathedral), to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church formally known as The Kirk, Gower Street United Church, and the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

If you take the Masonic Symbol of the dot within the circle you will see how it fits perfectly over the Ecclesiastic Circle.

Why did all these different religions build in a circle? Anywhere else in the world – religions build on opposite sides of a city. They don’t build in a circle – so why did they do it? What are they protecting?

You’ll never find out because it is a National Historic area. Which means no digging!

Which leads back to my first question: Why did Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s have such an interest in Newfoundland during the war?

Nazi U-boats stalked Newfoundland and Labrador coasts during the Second World War

Bell Island was one of the few places in North America to be attacked by German forces during the Second World War. They sunk four iron ore vessels near Bell Island in September and November of 1942.

The German torpedo that struck Bell Island

Did you know that Bell Island was the only community in North America to take a direct hit from a torpedo? It was fired by a Nazi U-boat in World War II. During the second attack of November 2, 1942, a torpedo struck the Scotia Landing Pier.

Labrador was the only place in North America where armed German soldiers successfully landed. On Oct. 22, 1943, a Nazi U-boat arrived in remote Martin Bay, near the northernmost tip of Labrador. An armed team landed and spent the next 48 hours walking North American soil and installed

The German weather station found in the 1970s

a weather station that wasn’t discovered until the 1970s.

There is also a strange story of a Father “Schultz,” who, posing as a German Catholic priest, showed up on the Labrador coast back in 1933. He travelled extensively by dog team along the coast of Labrador, pretending to be tending to his parishioners, while secretly taking extensive readings of weather, and charting details about the coastal topography. When war finally broke out, Father Schultz promptly disappeared. Later information surfaced that he may have escaped on another German U-boat or floatplane. The conclusion was that he had been a German spy all along.

There are rumours that say the Nazis landed near Bay Bulls and came into the St. John’s to visit the pubs.

The German periscope is on the roof of the Crow’s Nest naval club in St. John’s.

Late in World War ll, a Nazi submarine surrendered 600 miles off Newfoundland. Its periscope is on the roof of the Crow’s Nest naval club in St. John’s.

It is all concrete proof that Hitler had a huge interest in Newfoundland. But why? What did Hitler know?

There’s also a rumour that most of Joey Smallwood’s first cabinet were all Masons. Including Mr. Smallwood himself. Of course, we will never be sure because Freemasons are not a secret society…. They are a society with secrets.

Many Newfoundlanders and Labradorians believe to this day that the "official" results of the referendum to join Canada were not the true ones. Could this have been a Masonic move?

This is the basis of Operation Masonic. It is a story about greed.

It is fiction, that is all true.

After the murder of the Masonic Grand Master, I give you the history of Freemasons in Newfoundland and Labrador and why I believe the Freemasons, who predicted the first world war moved and hid treasure on this Island for safe keeping and it remains here today.

The first formal Masonic building was built on Long's Hill in 1885, where The Kirk is now, but it burnt down in the Great Fire of 1892. The Masons rebuilt on Cathedral Street and the cornerstone was laid on August 23, 1894, by Freemason and former Newfoundland Prime Minister Sir William Whiteway.

Now you have to read Operation Masonic – and decide for yourself…. What treasure is buried under the streets of old St. John’s!

Books are available at: Chapters, Coles and gift stores throughout the Island. Also, online at Apple – iTunes, Nook – (Barnes & Noble), Amazon, and Kobo. National and international orders can be placed by calling Flanker Press at 1-866-739-4420

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