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Win a signed copy of Operation Trafficked

Get the first chapter of bestseller Operation Trafficked for free & you could win a signed copy by registering for 'A Novel Idea' Helen C. Escott's book club at

Share this message with your Valentine! Maybe they will win!

A Book Is a Gift and Card, All in One - If you get chocolates for Valentine's Day, chances are it will come with a card expressing some kind of cheesy, insincere sentiment (sorry, card companies, but it's true). The card will inevitably end up in your junk drawer or, more likely, in the trash to never be read again.

A book, however, is a great Valentine's present and card, all in one package. The title page or inside cover is like a blank card, waiting to be filled with a personal expression of love. Does it get any sweeter than that?

Give books for Valentine's Day.


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