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Operation Masonic was shortlisted for the Atlantic Book Awards - get the 1st chapter free!

The Flanker Press Team: Garry Cranford, Margo Cranford, Helen C. Escott and Nick Cranford.

Atlantic Book Awards - Get the first chapter of Operation Masonic free!

What an amazing night at the Atlantic Book Awards. My first time there & I was incredibly honoured to stand with so many incredibly talented Newfoundland and Labrador and maritime authors.

My crime thriller, Operation Masonic was short-listed for the 2023 Best Atlantic-Published Book Award by the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association.

Haven't read it yet? You can get the first chapter free when you sign up for, A Novel Idea here.

Dartmouth Book Exchange - Reveals the mystery behind my character names!

Oh no! I bet you didn't know about the mystery behind the mystery in all of my books!

I have hidden a secret behind the name of the characters in the Operation Wormwood Duology. Sue Slade, manager of the Dartmouth Book Exchange was able to get the details out of me during her interrogation, I mean interview, when I visited the store last week.

I bet you didn't know there was a mystery behind the mystery. Check it out by clicking here. Thank you to Sue and everyone who showed up for my visit during the Atlantic Book Awards.

Mastering the Art of Murder: The art of crafting the perfect murder story

Have you always wanted to write a murder mystery but don't know where to start? Do you have a tale of mystery, intrigue and murder inside just waiting to get out?

Learn the art of crafting the perfect murder story, with Mastering the Art of Murder. Available to schools, libraries and writing groups.

I start with a twenty minute slide presentation followed by a thirty minute question and answer session where we can discuss your ideas and talk about how to start your novel.

Recently, I spoke to Krissy Holmes at the CBC St. John's Morning Show about this course. ​ Listen to the interview about Mastering the Art of Murder here.

To book contact Helen C. Escott at:

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