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A Novel Idea- Helen C. Escott Newsletter

The Politics of Pockets

Christian Dior is alleged to have said, "Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration."

Alanis Morissette sang: 'Cause I've got one hand in my pocket -And the other one is givin' a peace sign.

But what kind of jeans is Alanis wearing? Because I can’t get my hand in the pocket of my Levis or Guess or Old Navy. The pockets are not big enough to fit my hand.

What Mr. Dior and Alanis didn’t know was that Apple would invent an iPhone that was 6.1 inches! We need pockets - Read more here

Looking for a Dose of Romance?

Nestled between the pages of my crime thrillers you may find a little romance because it often plays an integral role in the story...but some romantic trysts are more deadly than others.

During February those romantics at Flanker Press are giving you the gift of all five of the Operation Series for just $74.99 Canadian.

This promo set is exclusive to the Flanker Press online store. Set qualifies for free shipping anywhere in Canada 

Order here

Let's Make Plans to Meet Up

Let's talk about crime thrillers. Let's meet up at one of my signings.

Saturday, February 10th: Coles, Avalon Mall from 1-3 pm.

Saturday, February 17th: Chapters, Kenmount Road from 1-3 pm.

Friday, February 23rd: Coles, Avalon Mall from 3-5 pm.

If you already have my books, bring them along and get them signed. If you can't make the signings, I always leave a bunch of signed copies behind.

I am Funny Like That is back on the shelves

I pretty much get asked every day when I am Funny Like That will be back on the store shelves. It has sold out and has been out of print for a while.

But I am excited to tell you that it is back on the shelves at Coles and Chapters in Newfoundland and Labrador.

You can also order it online here.

Learn to Write Murder Mysteries

Have you always wanted to write a good crime thriller or a fascinating murder mystery?

Mastering the Art of Murder is a remarkably interesting and fun class that will encourage budding authors to think about writing in a whole new way.

From planning the murder to making it believable to solving the crime. I take authors on a journey through writing that they will never forget.

I start with a slide show of the tips and tricks to writing about murder and while I am doing that I take questions and we have discussions.

Then I end with an exercise called: The man fell down the stairs. Authors have to fill in the descriptors: Who is the man? How old is he? What is he wearing? Where does he work? How did he fall down the stairs? Did he just fall, or did he try to catch himself? Why was he on the stairs? Where was he going? What time of night or day is it? What’s the weather like outside?

In the end, authors have a much more detailed story that comes from looking around their characters and finding out who they are.

If you are interested in hosting the Art of Murder at your school, library, or club, contact me at

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