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Hey hotel chains! Women travel too.

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

I love travel. And I really love a good hotel room

But I continue to be disappointed. Sure, the hotel room is nice. It is decorated nicely. Has a comfortable king size bed.

But one look and I know it was designed for a man. Not a woman.

Here is how I know, and this should be a ‘To do’ list for all hotels.

Let’s get to the heart of the problem: The bathroom

Women need light in the bathroom especially in the shower. There’s nothing worse than getting into the shower and finding out there’s no ceiling light. Then the hotel has hung a dark curtain so when you pull the shower curtain closed, you’re completely in the dark. It’s dangerous and scary. The hotel has literally taken every shower scene from a horror film and put you in it as the victim who is murdered in the shower.

Hotel designers obviously don’t know what runs through a women’s head while showering!

One of my pet peeves is the shower savers hotels put in the shower heads. I know they are trying to save water, but I would like to get the conditioner out of my hair!

Women need water pressure! I hate it when I am in the shower and there is barely enough water pressure to work up a good lather. We could lick ourselves clean quicker.

Take the bath tubs out and replace them with stand-up showers that have a built-in bench. Women shave their legs and lots of other places. We need something to put our foot on when we shave.

Hotel designers have no idea how a woman as to twist herself just to shave her calf without slipping and falling out on the floor.

I don’t think being able to shave your legs and get the shampoo and conditioner out of your hair should be an issue that a travelling woman needs to deal with.

Here’s an issue travelling women face that the men who manage the hotels would never see. Toilet paper!

Hotels only leave one extra toilet paper in the bathroom. As women, we have issues men don’t have. We have periods for seven days. We need the extra toilet paper! Give us more than one extra roll.

We also need more than one box of tissues in the room. Hotels only leave one in the bathroom, but we need one on the desk for when we do our make up.

Enough about the bathroom. Let’s head to the bedroom.

In the bedroom there is often a desk and chair. Although sometimes I have checked in and found out there is no desk and chair. I never book those hotels again.

Why don’t hotels put a mirror above the desk?

The desk is normally where women set up to do their hair and make up. I know what men will say, “Use the bathroom.”

But when you are travelling with kids and a spouse, bathroom time becomes very limited. Women need to have a mirror over a well lit desk with extra electrical plugs on it. And every hotel room must have a desk and chair for a woman to sit down at.

My last pet peeve is security.

Women are more likely to be the target of violence than men and travelling can become particularly dangerous if we are not on alert.

Hotel rooms come with a peephole in the door. But many do not have the peephole cover. Always check to make sure it does. Because just as you can see out, someone else can see in.

I find the elevators and hallways are rarely well lit. We need security. Turn up the lights.

Hotels need to listen to their female clientele and start designing rooms that meet our needs because women are more likely to choose the hotel than a man is.

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Hope D Ryan
Hope D Ryan
Jul 15, 2022

You tell them Helen!

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